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Secure your domain and an unlimited number of subdomains with a single SSL certificate AND protect each of your domains with a web security solutions platform that fights off ALL web threats

That’s right. SectigoSSL Enterprise Wildcard OV is the ultimate web security tool. You get a Sectigo OV wildcard SSL certificate that enables you to secure your main domain and as many subdomains as you want with HTTPS protection. This OV wildcard SSL certificate comes with all the classic features you’d expect from a CA like Sectigo – huge warranty, free site seal and more. Plus, with this being an organization validation (OV) SSL certificate, your users can verify your company details right in their browsers – further building trust.

On top of all that, you also get Sectigo Web Security with your package. This all-in-one web security solutions platform allows you to protect your website with a suite of automated tools – including malware scanning & removal, vulnerability scanning & patching, Sectigo-managed WAF, PCI compliance scanner, website backup & restore and more. You get all of this with SectigoSSL Enterprise Wildcard OV!

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Issues in 1-3 Days


Secures Multiple Domains


Unlimited Subdomains


Site Seal


Malware Scanner


Vulnerability Scanner


Firewall (WAF)


Website Backups


Malware Cleaning


Vulnerability Patching




PCI Scanning


$1M Warranty


Organization Validation

SSL Certificate Features & Benefits

With your purchase, you get these industry-best SSL certificate features:
Activate Padlock

Activate the Padlock

When you secure your website with an SSL certificate, you replace the “not secure” label with the trusty padlock icon.
Http Protection

HTTPS Protection

HTTPS is not a luxury, it’s the standard for website protection – as it secures your users’ data while in transit.
highest level of validation

Higher Level of Validation

By going through a lengthier validation process, your users can verify your company details in their browser.

$1,000,000 Warranty

This $1M warranty allows you to have peace of mind knowing you are protected if something goes wrong on Sectigo’s side.
Strong Encryption

Strong Encryption

Fully-complaint and industry-standard 2048-bit private key and 256-bit symmetric encryption.
Site Seal

FREE Sectigo Site Seal

By placing this sleek, free Sectigo site seal on various pages of your site, you will further build trust with users.
Trusted Brand

Trusted Brand

With decades of experience and thousands of happy customers, Sectigo has cemented themselves as a top CA!
web security

Sectigo Web Security

With a suite of automated tools on a single platform – you can fight off hackers, avoid costly mishaps and more!
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Secures Unlimited Subdomains

Secure your main domain and an unlimited number of subdomains all under a single certificate!

Sectigo Web Security Features & Benefits

In addition to a Sectigo Enterprise Wildcard OV SSL certificate, you’ll get Sectigo Web Security. This security solutions platform comes with the hacker-fighting, mistake-erasing automated tools below:
Vulnerability Scanning

Find Malware & Vulnerabilities

Automated daily scans are taken to find malware and vulnerabilities and alert you of any issues.
Malware Detection

Automatically Fix Vulnerabilities

Unpatched vulnerabilities are an easy target for hackers – this automated tool patches known vulnerabilities for you.
Malware Removal

Automatically Remove Malware

Automatically removes malware from your website and databases that could cause long-term issues for you and your users.
Website Backup

Websites Backup & Restore

Your personal do-over button. Takes automatic backups of your website so you can restore a clean version anytime.

Web Application Firewall

This Sectigo-managed WAF will create a layer of defense between your website and the internet.
CDN Network

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Don’t make users wait – this CDN will improve your website speed with its 45 edge locations and intelligent caching.

PCI Compliance Scanner

This tool is a lifesaver for websites that handle cardholder data – it scans for and helps fix PCI compliance issues.

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