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This is SSL and then some—SectigoSSL Premium protects your user’s data with HTTPS protection, plus protects your website against all of today’s top web threats

SectigoSSL Premium certificates uses industry-standard HTTPS encryption coupled with a robust security solutions platform (Sectigo Web Security) to fight against hackers, cyber-attacks, and unforeseen mishaps all while ensuring your website is operating at tip-top speed. In addition to HTTPS protection, SectigoSSL Premium:


Scans your site and alerts you of potentially damaging website issues


Automatically fixes vulnerabilities to avoid attacks


Makes it easy to fix a hacked or broken website


Improves website speed with Sectigo’s global content delivery network


Pro-actively blocks hackers with a fully managed firewall

SectigoSSL Premium Certificates

The SectigoSSL Premium products listed below come with everything listed above (Sectigo Web Security + top-tier SSL certificate) – simply find the best validation level and SSL certificate type for you and your website will be equipped to fight against the most common website threats there are!
Products Issuance Time Warranty Lowest Price
SectigoSSL Premium DV Instantly $500,000 $193.00/year Read More
SectigoSSL Premium Wildcard DV Instantly $500,000 $321.60/year Read More
SectigoSSL Premium Multi-Domain DV Instantly $500,000 $436.80/year Read More
SectigoSSL Premium OV 1-3 Days $1,000,000 $227.60/year Read More
SectigoSSL Premium OV Wildcard 1-3 Days $1,000,000 $435.00/year Read More
SectigoSSL Premium OV Multi-Domain 1-3 Days $1,000,000 $600.00/year Read More
SectigoSSL Premium EV 1-5 Days $1,750,000 $280.00/year Read More
SectigoSSL Premium EV Multi-Domain 1-5 Days $1,750,000 $680.00/year Read More

How Sectigo Web Security Protects Your Website

Sectigo Web Security protects your website at every level while saving you time and hassle. Below is a deeper look into the tools and tactics Sectigo Web Security deploys to secure your website against hackers.

Blacklist Monitoring

Scans databases and alerts you if your website is listed on a spam/blacklist.

Vulnerability Scanning

Finds vulnerabilities before hackers do by automatically scanning your website.

CMS Vulnerability Scanning

Checks WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, WooCommerce, Prestashop, & Magento for vulnerabilities.

Automatic Vulnerability Patching

Equipped with the latest security patches, this tool will patch vulnerabilities for you.

Malware Detection

Scans for malicious code by checking your website and databases regularly.

Malware Removal

Removes malware and restores your website to working order without having an effect on its functionality.

Website Backup

Takes automatic backups of your site and stores them in secure cloud storage, so you can restore anytime.
CDN Network

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Improves your website speed with this global CDN that also uses intelligent caching.

Web Application Firewall

Prevents cyber-attacks, such as bad bots, DDoS traffic and more from getting to your website.

Does Your Site Accept Credit Cards?

If so, you may want to consider SectigoSSL Enterprise. It includes everything you get with SectigoSSL Premium + an automated PCI Compliance Scanner tool added on the Sectigo Web Security platform. This PCI Compliance Scanner will scan your network for PCI compliance issue, offer solutions, and compile a final report for your bank!

SectigoSSL Enterprise

Everything in Premium, plus easy-to-use PCI compliance scanning for ecommerce sites. From $357.00/year.

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SSL Certificate Types

With the right SSL certificate type, you can save yourself:

  • Time – By managing all of your domains, subdomains or IPs under one certificate through the same SSL certificate lifecycle.
  • Money – By bundling your domains, subdomains or IPs under one certificate as the most affordable package possible.

SectigoSSL Premium offers the three SSL coverage types below. All you need to do is find the right one for you.

Single Domain/Standard

The most basic SSL certificate type. Good for blog sites and small businesses. Secures both your www and non-www main domain with HTTPS protection.


Perfect for businesses looking to build out sub-brands and other web properties. Secures your main domain and an unlimited amount of subdomains with a single certificate.


Looking to secure multiple websites?
Secure up to 2000 different domains and IP addresses under one certificate (or up to 250 depending on what validation level you go with).

SSL Validation Levels

Another difference between SectigoSSL Premium products is the SSL certificate’s validation level. Your validation level helps you determine the length of the validation process you will go through – and the higher the validation, the more transparent your identity is to visiting users. Below are the three different validation levels offered:

Domain Validation (DV)

Offers the most convenience – all you need to do is get your domain validated and your certificate will be issued in minutes!

Organization Validation (OV)

The OV validation process is a bit lengthier than the DV, BUT your users can more easily the organization that runs your site. Issues in 1-3 days.

Extended Validation (EV)

There is no higher validation level! Offers the most transparency to users looking for assurance your website is trusted. Issues in 1-5 days.

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