SectigoSSL Pro

More than an SSL certificate—SectigoSSL Pro defends your website from malware, software vulnerabilities, and other common security threats

SectigoSSL Pro certificates come with the latest HTTPS encryption features, plus a powerful security platform (Sectigo Web Security) that protects your website against threats other SSL certificates can’t stop. Sectigo Web Security makes it easy to:


Detect and fix website issues before your customers notice

Automatically patch security holes before hackers find them
Easily repair a hacked (or otherwise broken) website with one click

SectigoSSL Pro Certificates

Each SectigoSSL Pro product listed below comes with industry-best SSL certificate features plus Sectigo Web Security. All you need to do is find the right type and validation level for you – and your website will have protection against many of the most common cyber threats out there!

Products Issuance Time Warranty Lowest Price
SectigoSSL Pro DV Instantly $1,000,000 $124.00/year Go to Product Page
SectigoSSL Pro Wildcard DV Instantly $500,000 $207.20/year Go to Product Page
SectigoSSL Pro Multi-Domain DV Instantly $500,000 $281.40/year Go to Product Page
SectigoSSL Pro OV 1-3 Days $1,000,000 $158.40/year Go to Product Page
SectigoSSL Pro OV Wildcard 1-3 Days $1,000,000 $241.40/year Go to Product Page
SectigoSSL Pro OV Multi-Domain 1-3 Days $1,000,000 $365.80/year Go to Product Page
SectigoSSL Pro EV 1-5 Days $1,750,000 $240.00/year Go to Product Page
SectigoSSL Pro EV Multi-Domain 1-5 Days $1,750,000 $536.80/year Go to Product Page

How Sectigo Web Security Protects Your Website

Sectigo Web Security keeps hackers out of your website so you can focus on what’s important to you. Wondering how it specifically accomplishes this? Here are the exciting tools and features Sectigo Web Security Platform uses to protect your website:


Blacklist Monitoring

Daily blacklist checking so you can avoid having your site banned by Google or ISPs.


Vulnerability Scanning

Automated scans of your website to detect vulnerabilities before hackers can use them.

CMS Vulnerability Scanning

Detect vulnerabilities in WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, WooCommerce, Prestashop, & Magento.

Automatic Vulnerability Patching

Automatically applies the latest security patches to keep hackers out of your website.

Malware Detection

Scans your website daily checking for any malicious code that could harm your website or users.

Malware Removal

Scans your website daily checking for any malicious code that could harm your website or users.


Website Backup

Automatically backs up your website every day, so you can easily repair any problems.


One-Click Restore

Like an undo button for your website! Fix site issues the easy way by restoring from a backup.

Add More Protection to Your Website

SectigoSSL Pro includes powerful protection against the most common web threats and is a great fit for blogs and informational websites. If your website handles customer data, financial info, or is frequently targeted by hackers, then we recommend increasing your protection with SectigoSSL Premium or SectigoSSL Enterprise:

SectigoSSL Premium

Includes a firewall that automatically blocks hackers plus a CDN for faster page load speed. From $80.00/year.

Go to Product Page

SectigoSSL Enterprise

Everything in Premium, plus easy-to-use PCI compliance scanning for ecommerce sites. From $357.00/year.

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SSL Certificate Types

Choosing the right SSL certificate can save you time, money and a whole lot of hassle. Each type brings something different. It really comes down to the number and type of domains you need to secure. SectigoSSL Pro offers three different types of SSL coverage:

Single Domain/Standard

Secures your main domain (www and non-www) with HTTPS protection, so you, your website, and your user’s data are secured.


Allows you to secure your main domain and an unlimited number of subdomains all under a single SSL certificate.


Allows you to secure as many as 2000 different domains and IP addresses depending on the validation level you select.

SSL Validation Levels

When determining which SectigoSSL Pro product is best for you – one of the main differences you’ll see is the validation levels. SectigoSSL Pro offers three different validation levels:

Domain Validation (DV)

The simplest validation level—just get your domain validated. Your certificate will be issued almost immediately!

Organization Validation (OV)

The OV validation process validates your domain and business details. It is more involved than DV but less than EV. Issues in 1-3 days.

Extended Validation (EV)

The highest level of validation. Build trust by letting users verify your company details in their browser. Issues in 1-5 days.

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