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Secure up to 2000 domains all under one single certificate + protect each site against all common website attacks

The SectigoSSL Pro OV Multi-Domain is the perfect web security tool for website owners looking to secure multiple domains and protect them with a suite of powerful web security tools and programs. With your purchase, you get an OV multi-domain SSL certificate from Sectigo. This means you can secure up to 2000 different domains and IPs under a single certificate – allowing you to easily manage all of your domains through the SSL lifecycle. This is also an organization validation (OV) SSL certificate, which means users can verify your company info right in your certificate details.

You will also receive the Sectigo Web Security Platform, which includes malware & vulnerability scanning, malware removal, vulnerability patching, website backup and restore and more, all consolidated on one easy-to-use platform.

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Issues in 1-3 Days


Secures Multiple Domains


Unlimited Subdomains


Site Seal


Malware Scanner


Vulnerability Scanner


Firewall (WAF)


Website Backups


Malware Cleaning


Vulnerability Patching




PCI Scanning


$1,000,000 Warranty


Organization Validation

SSL Certificate Features & Benefits

SectigoSSL Pro OV Multi-Domain provides a higher level of validation + allows you to secure multiple domains all under one certificate.
Activate Padlock

Activate the Padlock

There is no better way for users to know they just landed on a safe website than to display the HTTPS padlock icon.
Http Protection

HTTPS Protection

Maintain HTTPS protection for your users and their data across all of your domains you secure under this cert.
highest level of validation

Highest Level of Validation

This organization validation (OV) SSL cert will allow for users to verify your identity by checking your certificate details.

$1,050,000 Warranty

Sectigo cares about protecting your website and you, the purchaser, and backs this up with a $1M warranty!
Trusted Brand

Trusted Brand

20+ years of experience in web security and an exceptional list of happy clients lets you know Sectigo is a brand you can trust.
Secure Unlimited Sub Domains

Secures Multiple Domains

Secure up to 2000 domains and IPs all under one single cert to make certificate management simpler!
Site Seal

Site Seal

Ensure your users know they are interacting with a secure website with our FREE Sectigo site seal.
Strong Encryption

Strong Encryption

Enjoy industry standard encryption with SHA-2 hashing, 2048-bit private key, and 256-bit symmetric encryption.
web security

Sectigo Web Security

Every domain you secure will be protected by an amazing suite of automated web security tools and programs.

Sectigo Web Security Features & Benefits

With your OV multi-domain SSL certificate, you get the premiere suite of automated web security tools and programs listed below:
Vulnerability Scanning

Detects Vulnerabilities & Malware

Scans your websites and databases daily for malicious infections, spam listing, vulnerabilities and more.
Malware Detection

Automatically Fixes Website Vulnerabilities

Automatically patches vulnerabilities found in your websites and databases to ensure optimal security.
Malware Removal

Automatically Cleans Malware

If malware is found in your website files or databases, Web Clean will remove it for you without affecting your sites.
Website Backup

Backs Up Your Website Daily

Don’t let any issue be too big – Web Backup & Restore backs up your website so you can easily fix your site.

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