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Websites can run into a lot of issues…CodeGuard helps you run right through those issues

CodeGuard can fix nearly any website problem with a click of a button. Malware…click. Website crash…click. Your pet zebra deleted your website in a cry for attention…click.

Sorry, pet zebra! With that click, CodeGuard has instantly brought your website back as good as ever!

How Does CodeGuard Do It?

CodeGuard is an automated website backup and restore tool. This means that CodeGuard takes daily backups of your website and stores them in a safe place, so you can restore your website whenever disaster strikes.

You can even restore a specific website file. Let’s say you accidentally deleted an image and can’t find it anywhere. You can use CodeGuard to retrieve it! Truly a lifesaver!

See How CodeGuard Works

CodeGuard Does More Than Just Website Backups – It’s a Full-On Website Security Tool


Malware can cause long-term damage for you and your users. This automatic malware removal tool scans for, finds and rids malicious code from your website. Included with every CodeGuard plan!

WordPress Plugin Updates

If you use a WordPress site, this tool will automatically ensure you have all WordPress updates. This helps you avoid hackers using vulnerabilities to take control of your site. Included with CodeGuard!

CodeGuard Plans

Basic Professional Premium Team Business
Storage 1 GB 5 GB 10 GB 25 GB 100 GB
Websites 1 Up to 5 Up to 10 Up to 25 Up to 100
Backup Retention Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Automatic Backups
On Demand backups
Backup via FTP
Backup via WordPress Plugin Due to WordPress limitations, backups done via the WordPress plugin use more storage space. If you prefer to backup via WP plugin instead of FTP, we recommend the Premium or higher plan. Due to WordPress limitations, backups done via the WordPress plugin use more storage space. If you prefer to backup via WP plugin instead of FTP, we recommend the Premium or higher plan.
Supports MySQL & MS-SQL
Price $36.00/year
You save 44%
You save 35%
You save 37%
You save 40%
You save 46%

What Users Say: “CodeGuard Saved Me”

I am very happy. My site was having some problems and I was unable to understand why. The restoration really got everything back to normal. Thanks.
Tamal Kr. Chandra

While I was working on my website something happened that gave me an error message 403 Forbidden, open registry/ when I tried to open the website. The restore gave back the site I started with!
Janet Davis Publishing

I love the CodeGuard service. It saved my skin several times and it offers the ability to recover from a malware attack. The self service setup is very well done and simple to use. Thank you!
Paul R

CodeGuard Features

Each CodeGuard plan includes all the features you need to backup and restore your website:


Automatic daily backups


FTP/SFTP support


WordPress plugin


MS-SQL and MySQL databases


One click restore


Download full backups


Individual file restore


Download individual files


Change monitoring


Malware scanning


WordPress plugin updates


Full support

CodeGuard FAQ

How do I know my website backups are secure?

CodeGuard stores your website backups on an encrypted cloud server. This provides a degree of separation that ensures if your website gets hacked, the hackers will not be able to compromise your website backups right there with it (i.e., if you stored it locally, on your personal cloud service account, etc.).

What type of backups does CodeGuard take?

When integrated via FTP/SFTP, CodeGuard takes incremental backups. This is the most efficient type of backup. The process consists of taking a full website backup and then only backing up files that have been altered since the last full backup – rather than backing up your entire website every time (and costing you more money while doing it).

Is it really 1-click restore?

Yes! All you need to do is select the backup you want to restore (this could be your entire website, specific files or a zip file of the backup) and then click the “restore” button. With that 1 click your website will be restored to your chosen version.

What platforms work with CodeGuard?

All content management systems work with CodeGuard, including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento and more! However, the system you’re using must meet the criteria below:

  • Use MySQL or MS-SQL databases
  • You’ll need access to your website’s FTP/SFTP credentials
  • You will need to whitelist the following IPs: | | | |

If you use WordPress as a CMS, there is a work around. You can use the WordPress plugin. With this option, you won’t need to whitelist the IPs or need FTP access.

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