Terms & Conditions

WebsiteSecurityStore.com.com Provides Its Products & Services Under These Conditions

WebsiteSecurityStore.com, operated by Tuncer InfoTech, Pvt Ltd, offers all its products and services under certain Terms and Conditions. The Terms and Conditions mentioned here is an agreement between WebsiteSecurityStore.com and their customers, which governs your use of WebsiteSecurityStore.com. These Terms and Conditions may be changed without any prior notifications or warning.

Customers agree and understand that WebsiteSecurityStore.com won’t be held responsible for the timeliness, topicality, correctness, or completeness of the information contained on this website.

Prohibited Use of Product or Services

Customers agree not to use any provided product or service for use which is not permitted by law or is in violation of the relevant Terms and Conditions.

Third-Party Interactions

Any interaction with third-parties included within the site WebsiteSecurityStore.com will be solely between that concerned third party and the Customer. The WebsiteSecurityStore.com will not take any responsibility for any such transaction.

Termination of Any Customer’s Account

WebsiteSecurityStore.com may, at their sole discretion, terminate a Customer account or use of a product or service if they are found violating any of these mentioned terms or for any other applicable reason.

Other Terms & Conditions

Further, Customers agree that all products and services provided by WebsiteSecurityStore.com have their Terms & Conditions that may differ from our website. While purchasing or using, as a Customer, you agree to abide by those Terms & Conditions as well.