Secure CMS Hosting Providers with Built-In Website Security Features

Choose a Fast, High Performance & Secure CMS Hosting Provider for Your Website

When choosing a web hosting plan, there are two important things that need to be considered from the start. First, the web hosting provider should offer full compatibility with your chosen CMS (Content Management System), and second, it provides all the latest security features needed for that CMS. This is so your site can run smoothly and securely.

Compared to usual web-hosting providers, CMS-based web hosting providers often provide better security features and speed, as they’re specialized in handling that specific CMS (Content Management System). For instance, a WordPress hosting provider will provide you better updates and security features that are needed for a WordPress site instead of a hosting provider that isn’t specific to WordPress. In that same vein, a Joomla hosting provider will offer all the required security features needed for Joomla-based websites. And so on.

Not Able to Find a Secure Web Hosting Provider for Your Specific CMS?

Are you questioning how to find a secure web hosting provider that is fitting for your specific CMS? If yes, then right here at you can get help and find some of the best (and most recognized) web hosting providers who offer optimal specialization for your specific CMS!

Secure WordPress Hosting

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WordPress is among the most dominant content management systems in today’s market. Whether it’s a small business website or a blogging site, it’s the first choice among many due to the ease of use it provides. But being popular also brings unwanted attention from hackers.

In today’s world, having a secure hosting provider is essential. Due to the massive hosting provider market, it becomes quite tedious to get the right one for you. Having a secure WordPress hosting provider can prove beneficial as it offers all the latest security features and other robust features that keep your site fast and secure.

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Secure Joomla Hosting

Joomla is another popular CMS (Content Management System) that’s popular for building a simple blog all the way to a corporate website, including e-commerce sites. It’s popular for content publishing to scalable, high traffic workloads while offering top-notch extended support for new requirements of the site.

Though it provides a vast list of extensions and plug-ins to handle complex needs, handling such solutions can be cumbersome. It’s a huge time saver to have a high-end Joomla hosting plan that offers proper security for Joomla sites while offering instant support whenever the need arises.

Secure WooCommerce Hostingg

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WooCommerce is among the most popular open-source eCommerce solutions. It offers a free platform that helps design small to large-size online stores for those who want to sell products online and other impressive features like easily manageable product categories, product sorting, and filtering.

Being popular can bring the attention of cybercriminals, and WooCommerce isn’t any different. Due to its global presence, many hackers try to get into WooCommerce sites. While it’s secure to make your WooCommerce store scalable, you should look for a secure WooCommerce hosting solution that offers you robust security, user-information protection, automatic software updates, and instant technical support.

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Secure Drupal Hosting

Though Drupal isn’t popular like WordPress or Joomla, it’s still a powerful CMS that provides robust security and offers a reliable platform for building small to big scale websites. Unlike WordPress, it’s limited when it comes to features but it still can be helpful when trying to create personal or corporate websites, portals, blogs, forums, and e-commerce websites.

To avoid such issues related to hackers, you can take many of the common security measures against hackers. However, it would still be best practice if you equally look for a secure Drupal hosting provider who offers all the latest security features and updates needed to run Drupal sites smoothly and securely.

Secure Magento Hosting

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Magento is another e-commerce platform that offers flexible and developer-friendly features that help build flexible storefronts. It’s an impressive CMS that offers complete freedom to customize your online store.

Magento is an open-source CMS that comes with scalable and flexible e-commerce solutions, cost-effective programs, more than 50 supported payment gateways, and more. Thus, making it a hot favorite not only for site builders but also for hackers. Though, along with security measures that you should take on your own, you should also look for a secure Magento hosting solution that offers flexibility for a Magento site and instant technical support from Magento experts at the time of emergency.

Why Choose a CMS Hosting Provider?

Selecting the right CMS hosting provider (Managed Web Hosting Provider) based upon the selection of your CMS (Content Management System) such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal is quite underrated. Many believe, and it’s even true to some extent, that almost all hosting providers support different CMS types.

However, choosing to go with a CMS hosting provider with security features & performance specific to your CMS and their expert team’s support specializing in that particular content management system as well, you are ensuring that you have the most expert help available.

Benefits of Choosing CMS Hosting Providers

Compared to other web hosting solutions, if you go with CMS web hosting providers, you’ll get a higher security level as their server resources aren’t overwhelmed. Usually, they have site-specific security measures making it better than other hosting providers.

For instance, if you’re building an e-commerce website and choose to go with a secure WooCommerce hosting provider, you’ll get a server environment specifically configured to protect the WooCommerce websites, and their support team will also be an expert regarding WooCommerce.

Benefits You Get When Going with a CMS Hosting Provider

Cost Reduction

Hardware and its regular maintenance and upgrades can get quite expensive. And the worst part is once something goes wrong; you may be required to replace it without delay. A managed hosting provider can benefit you and reduce these maintenance costs, because managed web hosting providers are responsible for managing all the hardware. Their price is included within the subscription plan you choose.

Flexibility According to Budget & Requirement

Businesses differ from one another and so does their requirements. But, if you go on and buy hardware, there’s no surety that you’ll be able to use it at its full potential. On the other hand, going with a managed hosting provider, you get the flexibility to make use of hardware and resources based upon requirement without any wastage.


Having your own IT team can prove to be very expensive. With the help of managed hosting, you won’t have to worry about server management and have an entire team dedicated to handling it independently. Instead, you can have someone in a part-time position or in an on-call role who can provide instant help.


Using a CMS hosting provider, you can create websites, a professional portfolio, blogs, an online community, and even a host of websites. It offers flexibility to choose themes while extending your website’s functionality with different plug-ins that also will improve the user experience.


CMS hosting providers, also called a managed hosting provider, offer to monitor suspicious activity while providing patches that keep your site safe against malware attacks and virus infections.

Automatic Updates

The platform offered by a CMS hosting provider offers quick and automatic updates. It means they make sure you’re using the latest versions of CMS, themes, plug-ins, PHP, and Database.

Key Features of CMS Hosting Providers

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Easy Upload & Download

Offers high bandwidth with unlimited data transfer every month, which means you can easily download or upload big files.
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Malware Scanning & Firewalls

Provides robust malware scanning and firewall feature that secures all your critical files and data from virus intrusions.
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Robust Architecture

Offers robust architecture that provides high performance and secured architecture for the CMS on which you want to build your website.
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Regular Backups

Offers regular, timely backups for your important files and Database, so you don’t lose your critical business information.

99+% Uptime

Guarantees more than 99% uptime that ensures your site is available to your users all the time.
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