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Secure Joomla Hosting Providers for Portals, Corporate Sites, E-commerce Platforms & Blogs

To create simple blogs, corporate websites, or even e-commerce sites, a CMS is incredibly useful, and Joomla is the most popular CMS after WordPress. According to W3Techs, Joomla is used by more than 3.5% of all websites globally.

Unfortunately, due to Joomla’s worldwide recognition, it’s also on the radar of cybercriminals. Any popular Joomla website needs to have strong site security in place, and the first step is choosing a reliable and secure Joomla hosting provider. Sadly, every hosting provider isn’t providing a truly secure Joomla hosting solution.

But, to make it easier for you, we’ve tested some Joomla hosting solutions, and based on that, we’ve listed some of the best secure Joomla hosting providers that we can recommend to anyone who’s looking to build their Joomla site.

Features  Fastcomet InMotion Rochen
Recommended Plan FastCloud Extra Pro Pro
Price Per Month  $6.98/Month $12.99/Month $16.95/Month
Basic Features 
No. of Websites / Domain  3 Domain Transfer & Unlimited Domain Hosting Up to 100 10
Free Domain  Cross Icon checkmark icon Cross Icon
Sub-Domain  Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Storage  35 GB SSD 200 GB SSD 40 GB SSD
Free Joomla Installation checkmark icon checkmark icon checkmark icon
Free Joomla Migration checkmark icon checkmark icon checkmark icon
Free Email Accounts Unlimited Unlimited checkmark icon
Staging Sites checkmark icon Cross Icon checkmark icon
Security Features 
Website Backup  checkmark icon checkmark icon checkmark icon
1 Click Restore (Backup Retention) checkmark icon checkmark icon checkmark icon
Free SSL/TLS Certificate checkmark icon checkmark icon checkmark icon
Third Party SSL Installation checkmark icon checkmark icon checkmark icon
Web Application Firewall(WAF) checkmark icon checkmark icon checkmark icon
DDoS Protection  checkmark icon checkmark icon checkmark icon
Malware Protection checkmark icon checkmark icon checkmark icon
Malware Scanning checkmark icon checkmark icon checkmark icon
Spam Filter  checkmark icon checkmark icon checkmark icon
Vulnerability Scanning checkmark icon checkmark icon checkmark icon
CDN checkmark icon Cross Icon Cross Icon
Automatic CMS Core Updates Cross Icon Cross Icon checkmark icon
Automatic Plugin/Extension Updates Cross Icon 1 click Update checkmark icon
Additional Security Features BitNinja Server Security, 2FA, ModSecurity Manager suPHP Security Imunify360 malware protection
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Top 5 Secure Joomla Hosting Providers

Joomla can be installed on most shared hosting or VPS hosting plans via the cPanel control panel. But, secure Joomla hosting providers provide special Joomla plans that can provider better performance, support, and security for Joomla sites.

Having proper security for your site is critical. Joomla hosting providers also offer many security features that enable security protections for your Joomla website, which is often missing in ordinary hosting plans. Here are some of the best Joomla hosting providers that you can count upon:

Fastcomet – Optimal Performance With Awesome Features

Since 2013, FastComet has become a popular hosting provider that offers different hosting plans, including Joomla-focused plans that are loaded with reliable services and generous of features.
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FastComet Joomla Hosting Features and Performance


Provides 99.99% uptime, which means if anything goes wrong, you won't face long-duration downtime.


Servers are pretty fast, taking around 0.57 seconds for responding and 1.27 seconds to load basic web pages.


Free website migration for starter plans and migration of three sites for larger plans.


Provides tools such as GIT and the cron manager.


2 CPU core limit that represents handling maximum traffic spikes.


Offers a substantial amount of resources like 15 GB storage and 2 GB RAM to ensure fast Joomla hosting


Daily backup


Free SSL/TLS certificate

fastcomet logo

Most Popular Plan

$2.99/mo $9.95
$35.82 billed every year
70% Off

InMotion Hosting – CNET Certified Service Provider

Founded in 2001, InMotion Hosting is a leading independent hosting provider that’s popular for making serious investments in technology and infrastructure.
inmotion hosting white logo

InMotion Joomla Hosting Features and Performance


Provides 99.9% uptime


Offers excellent Joomla hosting performance in North America.


Dell servers with 24GB memory.


Uses BGP4 Smart Routing technology for Joomla websites


Optimized servers for Joomla that are protected with several security layers.


Support team is capable of changing the server configuration according to the user's need. For example, if someone needs a specific PHP extension for running any custom plugin, their customer support team can help for free.


Latest PHP and MySQL version.


Free SSD storage.


Credit for Google, Bing, and Yahoo! for up to $150.


Free SSL/TLS certificate.


Free no-downtime site transfer.

inmotion hosting logo

Most Popular Plan

$2.49/mo $7.49
$89.64 billed every 3 years
66% Off

Rochen – Ultra Reliable & Easy to Use

Rochen offers services for various applications, but they’re also an official Joomla partner and even host the website, which speaks volumes about them. Rochen is a secure Joomla hosting provider known for its fast and reliable hosting with their 24/7 customer support team.
rochen white logo

Rochen Joomla Hosting Features and Performance


Rochen comes with a guaranteed uptime of 99.9%.


It uses automatic server failover that makes sure your site stays up even if its servers face a problem.


They come with a good server configuration that uses LiteSpeed Web Server and virtual account isolation to help run the Joomla site at optimal speed.


With the secure Joomla hosting plan, you get preinstalled CMS or full website migration service, depending upon your need.


SSD storage.


Free SSL/TLS certificate.


Custom Joomla tools like the cPanel plugin Joomla Utilities.


Shared hosting plan can handle up to 25,000 visitors.


For big websites that have more than 25,000 visitors, it offers a Joomla optimized dedicated server.

rochen logo

Most Popular Plan

$5.95/mo $9.95
$5.95 billed Monthly
65% Off

A2 Hosting – Fine-Tuned & Blazing Fast Ready to Use Hosting Solution

Being in the hosting business since 2001, A2 Hosting is quite popular for offering impressive page loading speed. It’s also popular for its strong uptime, which makes them a very reliable hosting provider. They’re known for being obsessed with speed and promise unmatched performance. A2 Hosting is also a Joomla sponsor and they offer secure Joomla hosting plans for those looking to build a site using Joomla.

A2Hosting Joomla Hosting Features and Performance


Guaranteed 99.9% uptime, and mostly above 99.99%, making it near-perfect and reliable.


Offers a reasonable server response time of 0.54 seconds, and page load speed is 1.15 seconds.


Free Cloudflare CDN with all hosting packages.


Tight security with impressive speed optimization.


SSD Storage.


Free SSL/TLS certificate.


Reliable uptime.


Friendly and helpful customer support department.


Malware scanning and 24/7 server monitoring.


Anytime money-back guarantee.


Dedicated 24x7 support department

a2hosting logo

Most Popular Plan

$2.99/mo $10.99
$107.64 billed every 3 years
72% Off

Cloudways Hosting – Complete Managed Hosting Solution

Unlike other hosting providers, Cloudways is a secure Joomla hosting provider that offers a three-day trial account and allows logging in through Github, LinkedIn, or Google credentials. It’s a completely managed hosting solution that comes with optimal performance, freedom, and security. Cloudways is a popular Joomla hosting provider that offers powerful servers, easy setup web hosting, compatibility with numerous apps, excellent uptime, and more.
cloudways logo white

CloudWays Joomla Hosting Features and Performance


SSD based Joomla hosting


Dedicated IP address


Advanced cache technology like Varnish, Redis, and Memcached for quick delivery and faster response rate


Servers compatible with PHP 7.3


Cloudways CDN to boost response time


HTTP/2 supported servers


Free SSL/TLS certificate


Auto healing servers


Dedicated firewalls


Automated scheduled backups


2FA (Two Factor Authentication)


Unrestricted access through SSH & SFTP

cloudways logo

Most Popular Plan

$12/mo $20
$12 billed monthly
40% Off

Here’s Why It’s Recommended to Choose a Secure Joomla Hosting Plans

Most shared hosting and VPS hosting plans provide a cPanel control panel that you can use to install Joomla. But, choosing a specific Joomla hosting provider gives you some specific benefits:
  • Quick and Easy Installation
  • Scalability
  • Dedicated Customer Support Experience
  • Easy Integration With Different Extensions

1. Quick and Easy Installation

As the name implies, choosing to go with a dedicated secure Joomla hosting providers makes it easier to setup Joomla while avoiding unwanted crashes, complications, and website failures.

2. Scalability

A Joomla hosting provider will be designed to optimize Joomla for handling large volumes of traffic.

3. Dedicated Customer Support Experience

The benefit of choosing a specific secure Joomla hosting provider is that you’ll get a dedicated team who are experts in handling Joomla issues. Unlike other hosting providers, you’ll find a support team specialized in providing support for any queries you have regarding Joomla.

This is important because general hosting providers usually will not provide support for Joomla issues.

4. Easy Integration With Different Extensions

By choosing a Joomla hosting provider, you’ll benefit from customizing Joomla CMS with a variety of integrations and add-ons with one simple click.

Joomla-Specific Security

A Secure Joomla hosting provider will have robust security features that have been specifically setup to protect and optimize Joomla websites, while protecting your site from hackers.

Here’s What You Should Look for Before Choosing a Joomla Hosting Provider

When you try looking for a Joomla hosting provider, look out for these things before making a payment:

1. Number of Domains Offered

If you need to use more than one domain, check to see if the hosting provider will charge more.

2. Reliability

Though Joomla is quite famous for its light weight and speed, it needs a special server built and designed for it. Choosing a specialized Joomla hosting plan with a Joomla optimized server may cost you a little extra compared to non-Joomla hosting plans but it’ll make your site more reliable.

3. Joomla Hosting Registration vs. Renewal Cost

When purchasing a new hosting plan, you may find that it’s quite cheap, but there’s a possibility that they may charge higher prices at the time of renewal. So, it’s best to find out in the beginning whether your Joomla hosting provider offers cost-effective renewal plans or not.

4. Auto Script Installer, Cron Jobs, .Htaccess, and SSI

Many hosting providers fail to offer basic features like cron jobs for daily operations, an auto script installer such as Softaculous for facilitating installations and updates of web applications, .htaccess access for security, or access to FTP for transferring files.

5. E-Commerce Friendly

If you’re going to set up an E-commerce website, thenyou’ll need to find our if your hosting provider offers the features required to handle an E-commerce website. For example,

  • Does that hosting provider support specific shopping cart software that you’re going to integrate with your website?
  • Will it be easy to process business transactions on your site without any issues?
  • Do they offer technical support for ecommerce sites if anything goes wrong?

6. Refund Policy

It’s important to find out about their refund policy, some offer refunds for 7 days and some offer up to 30 days. Here are a few questions you may want to ask:

  • Does that hosting provider give back a full refund or partial if you cancel your hosting plan during the trial period?
  • Are there any hidden cancellation fees?
  • How’s their refund policy once the trial period ends

7. Branded Email

If you need to host email accounts through your website, for example, [email protected], verify whether they offer an email hosting feature. Many hosting companies come with an option to host your email address, but you’ll want to verify it.

8. Support Options

Find out the type of support options they offer. For example, do they offer live chat, email, and phone support? Many site owners prefer live chat or phone support due to the instant response. Also, check whether they offer full documentation, so you can try solving on your own.

9. Site Backups

Nowadays, most hosting providers provide a site backup feature, but you’ll want to verify the details:

  • Do they offer regular and full backups?
  • Can you perform site backup easily through the control panel?
  • Is it possible to create an automatic backup of your site?
  • Can you view and access backups of individual files?
  • Is it possible to restore backup files easily? (So you do not require their support staff to do it for you if anything goes wrong.)

Here’s What You Should Beware of While Choosing a Joomla Hosting Provider

Unlimited Plans

Even in an unlimited package, you can’t expect 100% unlimited disk space. There’s a finite number of web servers in the world, so hosting companies have to place some sort of limit on usage.

Proper Support

Before purchasing a plan from a Joomla hosting provider, take a deep look at the support they provide. For instance, do they offer 24/7 support through chat or telephone, do they reply email as fast as possible, and does knowledgebase contain all the required information to help you solve a problem on your own?

Common FAQs Regarding Secure Joomla Hosting Providers

Below are some commonly seen questions that are asked when choosing Joomla hosting plans:

Is Joomla Popular?

Yes, after WordPress the second most popular CMS (Content Management System) is Joomla, which runs over 30M+ sites globally.

Is Joomla Good for Blogging?

If you’re only looking to run a blog, Joomla may be a bit overwhelming. It’s better to look at another CMS such as WordPress. Again, Joomla can be used for running a blog, and if you have a large website such as an e-commerce website, integrating a blog using Joomla can be considered a good choice.

Will Joomla Meet My Requirements?

Usually, it should. Joomla offers 8K+ extensions. It provides a robust hook and filter system that makes it quite easy to add functionality. It works well with new extensions as and when needed.

How Hard Is it to Setup a New Joomla Website?

Many web hosting providers offer special secure Joomla hosting plans that make it easier for users to install and setup a new Joomla website.

Can I Customize Joomla Website According to My Requirement?

Yes, more than one thousand Joomla themes are available for free, and many can be easily customized according to your need. And, if you’re an experienced web developer, then it’ll be even easier, as Joomla lets you design new themes as well. If you’re a company, you can even hire professional Joomla developers to do all your hard work. Lastly, many free tutorials are also readily available.

Is It Necessary to Use Secure Joomla Hosting for Setting Up a Website?

Joomla hosting providers provide a premium hosting environment that’s missing in normal hosting plans. For instance, secure Joomla hosting provides security features such as DDoS protection, malware and security protection, and many other security features that work flawlessly on the Joomla platform. Unlike normal platforms where you’re unsure whether Joomla will be fully compatible with your hosting plan or not.

I Don’t Have a Secure Joomla Hosting Plan, Will It Work With My Current Hosting Plan?

Usually, it should. Joomla needs PHP and MySQL, which are provided by most web hosting providers. But it’s better to verify whether your hosting provider supports Joomla or not.

Though these premium hosting plans specialized in CMS hosting, such as WordPress or Joomla, cost more than other normal web hosting providers, they come with enough security features that make them well worth the money.

Is Joomla a Well-Supported CMS?

Yes. Joomla has complete documentation, magazine, events, workshops, community forums, workshops, video tutorials, mailing lists, and even blogs. Also, many commercial companies offer paid and premium Joomla support and consultancy.

Is It Possible to Install WooCommerce in Joomla Hosting?

WooCommerce is made for WordPress. But, if you have WordPress and WooCommerce installed on one directory and Joomla on another, it can work. However, it’s not usually a good approach, and it’s better to look for other extensions as many are available for Joomla, like Hikashop.

Do Joomla Hosting Companies Keep Backups of My Site?

Yes, most do. However, it’s suggested not to depend on your hosting company’s back up. Instead, make separate backups.

What Are Joomla Modules?

Joomla’s modules are content items displayed on the website through assigned positions within the template. For example, a login module would show the login form.

Where Is Joomla Used?

  • Corporate portals or websites
  • Digital magazines publications and newspapers
  • Corporate extranet and intranets
  • Nonprofit organization websites