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Simplify the PCI compliance process with Sectigo’s automated PCI scanning tool

PCI compliance doesn’t have to be a hassle! With a few clicks of a button, you can scan your entire network, receive a report detailing any issues, fix them and send your report off to your bank. It’s that easy to stay PCI complaint with HackerGuardian.

Not only is HackerGuardian simple to use, it’s also affordable—this excellent PCI compliance solution is the most affordable product of its caliber on the market.

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HackerGuardian PCI Scanner Packages

HackerGuardian PCI Scan Control Center PCI Scanning Enterprise Edition HackerProof Trust Mark
Max IP Addresses 5 20 20
PCI Scans per Quarter Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
ASV Scan Report
Website Vulnerability Scans X X
HackerProof Site Seal X X
Price $249.00/year
You save 60%
You save 25%
You save 10%

Who Needs to Be PCI Compliant and Why?

Any website, no matter how small or large, that accepts payment cards must be PCI compliant. As for the why, well… it’s pretty much mandatory. Organizations that don’t comply can be fined between $5,000-$100,000 per month depending on the circumstances and severity. Yikes!

Reasons Why Attaining and Maintaining PCI Compliance Can Be Difficult


Websites that accept payments must perform quarterly internal and external PCI compliant vulnerability scans, which must be done using an approved scanning vendor.


Fixing any issues the scanner finds can be a huge hassle unless you have detailed, yet easy-to-understand reporting.


Some scanners tend to trigger false positives, which can delay the process unless there’s a streamlined process for handling them.


Then, you need to complete the self assessment questionnaire and generate a PCI report and file it with your bank as proof.

HackerGuardian is built from the ground up to automate and streamline this process, while avoiding common problems users report with other PCI tools. Getting PCI compliant is simpler with HackerGuardian!

How HackerGuardian Simplifies PCI Compliance in 3 Steps

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Step 1 - Scan

HackerGuardian quickly scans across your entire network (across multiple IPs) for vulnerabilities and compliance issues.


Step 2 - Fix

Full reports with comprehensive analysis and directions on how to fix any potential issues – allowing you to swiftly resolve problems and move on.


Step 3 - Send

Now simply submit to your acquiring bank and you are PCI DSS complaint and can have peace of mind knowing you won’t be fined!


Schedule Scans

Schedule Scans Ahead

Easily schedule quarterly PCI scans on each of your IP addresses – allowing you to take a set it and forget it approach.

Approved Scanning Vendor

Approved Scanning Vendor

Scans are done in accordance with PCI DSS Requirement 11.2.2 – ensuring your organization is protected.


30,000 Tests

Performs over 30,000 tests to ensure your website is secured and protected against attacks.



You can add more IP addresses to your scan schedule with additional IP Packs if you need to scan additional servers.

Handles False Positives

Handles False Positives

HackerGuardian has a built-in feature for resolving false positives so your PCI compliance process won’t be delayed.

Unlimited Scans

Unlimited Scans

You can run unlimited scans on your covered IP addresses—scan any time, for any reason!

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